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Colorado Springs Ignite - Presentation Guidelines and How to Submit Your Presentation

Here are just a few tips to submitting a winning Ignite presentation.

  • Keep to the Ignite format! Talks are strictly 5 minutes long with automated slides. You can speak about anything, but all talks must consist of 20 PowerPoint slides, timed to be on screen for 15 seconds, for a total of 5 minutes. To see some examples of Ignite presentations visit the Ignite Colorado Springs YouTube page.
  • Bring your A game. There are only 9 to 10 slots and we are expecting many submissions for the Spring event.
  • Be clear, concise, and compelling. Organizers vote on who gets accepted. We review all submissions, with a short window of time for discussing each submission. Submissions must be concise, clear, compelling or funny prove to us you’ll do well in the Ignite format. Either way you will hear back from us if your presentation is accepted or not.
  • Develop a great title. The title of your talk should be something descriptive, informative, compelling and perhaps funny.
  • Tell a great story.  Any topic could be accepted, but there are a few factors that will ensure your topic is compelling:
       o    Be sure you are passionate about it.
       o    Be knowledgeable about it.
       o    Make sure your presentation shares your passion and knowledge in ways a
             diverse audience can connect with.
       o    Finally and most importantly, don’t pitch your business!
  • Pitching a product or service is a no-no. Talks pitching a product, startup or consulting business will be automatically rejected. We do want you to promote yourself, but solely as someone who has given a great Ignite talk. It’s ok to tell your story provided it’s not centered on selling something. Think of your talk as a self-contained creation, not a sales tool.

How to submit your talk

To submit your presentation please email an brief introduction to your talk along with your contact information (name, phone number, and email), your presentation, and a link to the video of your talk (good to provide if available) to Rhea Phaneuf at Have questions about your submission? Email question to Rhea Phaneuf or call her at 719-255-3686.

Good Luck!